Excel 6AL 4V Disc, Road, T47/Internal


C-Six DSC Fork & TK036A headset

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C-Six DSC Fork & TK036A headset

A new benchmark for the ultimate titanium ride

Beautiful, fast, responsive, and wonderfully compliant, the Excel Ti64 is precision engineered for the titanium ride of your life. It’s the seamless fusion of frame-building expertise coupled with the vision for a beautiful modern finish.

Our Signature Excel frame includes a satin bead finish with a choice of either mirror or anodised logos as standard. Please ask for more details regarding options.

Engineered from low density grade 5 6AL 4V titanium, harder than the more widely used 3AL 2.5V titanium, the Excel Ti64 exhibits outstanding characteristics. With a high strength-to-weight ratio combined with excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance, it’s a frame material that lends itself wonderfully to a premium build bicycle, where speed, smoothness and comfort combine in perfect harmony.

For all its undoubted benefits nothing comes easy with grade 5 6AL 4V titanium. The costs and difficulty of working with this remarkable material require all of our collective experience and knowhow as a team to harness its true potential. But once tamed, the result is a very special frame indeed. To further improve the Excel Ti64 for 2022, the frame now features 3D printed chain stay ends and disc brake mounts for additional strength and enhanced brake alignment accuracy. In addition, internal cable routing becomes standard along with the inclusion of a T47 bottom bracket shell, which not only allows for cable routing through the BB for a super-clean aesthetic but also increases lateral stiffness as well as ensuring an improved bearing interface. The Excel Ti64 delivers the ultimate titanium experience, not only in material quality but also frame finish, performance and bike handling.

Built to order and handcrafted to our highest standards, each Excel can be constructed to suit your specific riding conditions. Choose from Disc Road or Rim Brake Road and mechanical or electronic drive train configurations. House geometry with sizes in 1cm increments is standard and there is also the option of a full-custom frame design and build.


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