Esker 6AL 4V/3AL 2.5 Disc Frame


C-Six GRV Fork & TK036A Headset

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C-Six GRV Fork & TK036A Headset

A premium quality frame build for the adventurous

Where the endurance road bike meets the fast cross bike. That’s where you’ll find the versatility and performance offered by the Esker GR. Created for those wanting a little more adventure but not willing to compromise on style and performance.

Our Signature Esker frame includes a satin bead finish with a choice of either mirror or anodised logos as standard. Please ask for more details regarding options.

‘Esker’ a long ridge of gravel and other sediment typically having a winding course – Dictionary definition.

The aptly named Esker GR is designed to be the versatile solution that will take you where standard road bikes simply can’t go. Like all Enigma ‘Signature’ frames the Esker GR is handcrafted from a carefully considered titanium tube set that includes a 6AL 4V down tube for increased lateral rigidity and strength. Designed, assembled and finished with care and an almost maniacal attention to detail, the Esker is still further tailored for that extra versatility and off-road capability.

Whether for fast gravel, endurance rides, a local cyclo-cross or a world tour event, the Esker provides the ultimate platform. Every Esker frame is built to order, handcrafted and finished right here in our Sussex workshop.

Like all Enigma ‘Signature’ frames the Esker GR features our house geometry design for a first-class fit while a full custom geometry option is available for riders with specific requirements. In addition, a huge range of frame finishes are available to choose from for that little extra touch of individuality.


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